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Journal papers

  • D.K. Iakovidis, M. Ooi, Y.C. Kuang, S. Damidenko, A. Shestakov, V. Sinistin, M. Henry, A. Sciacchitano, A. Discetti, S. Donati, M. Norgia, A. Menychtas, I. Maglogiannis, S.C. Wriessnegger, L.A. Barradas Chacon, G. Dimas, D. Filos, A.H. Aletras, J. Töger, F. Dong, S. Ren, A. Uhl, J. Paziewski, J. Geng, F. Fioranelli, R.M. Narayanan, C. Fernandez, C. Stiller, K. Malamousi, S. Kamnis, K. Delibasis, D. Wang, J. Zhang, R.X. Gao (2022). “Roadmap on Signal Processing for Next Generation Measurement Systems“. Measurement Science and Technology, 33, 012002.

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november 2021

Fundamentals and recent advances in Particle Image Velocimetry and Lagrangian Particle Tracking, von Karman Institute Lecture Series and Events

  • “Statistical methods to enhance PIV measurements”, by S. Discetti
  • “Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry”, by S. Discetti

The Lecture series directors were Prof. Stefano Discetti, from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain and Prof. Miguel Mendez from the von Karman Institute, Belgium.

september 2021

Invited Keynote Lecture at 19th International Symposium on Flow Visualization ISFV 19

june 2021

Aeroseminar in TU Delft

“Pushing the limits of PIV with data-driven techniques”, by S. Discetti

March 2021

Seminars on Aerospace Science and Technology in UC3M

Presentation of the ERC Starting Grant “NEXTFLOW”, by Stefano Discetti

January 2021


Begining of the project NEXTFLOW