NEXTFLOW team at the VKI Lecture Series and Events

Stefano Discetti, PI of the NEXTFLOW project, has been the co-director of the Lecture Series “Fundamentals and recent advances in Particle Image Velocimetry and Lagrangian Particle Tracking“, which was celebrated at von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics at 15-18 November 2021.

S. Discetti has also contributed two presentations related to our research work in NEXTFLOW project: “Statistical methods to enhance PIV measurements” and “Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry”.

Other team members have also participated in the event. Andrea Ianiro contributed as lecturer with the presentation “Image pre-processing methods”. Alvaro Moreno Soto presented his research activities in NEXTFLOW with the poster “Complete Flow Characterization and Reconstruction via Physics-Informed Neural Networks“.

A. Ianiro

A. Moreno Soto

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